Are You Romping in your Romphim?

Have you heard about the new craze that took over the “twitterverse” yesterday.  It is called the Romphim.  The makers of this new fashion trend is ACED Design located in Evanston IL, and according to their go fund me page, the Romphim is a “romper designed for men.  But it also is pretty damn comfortable, and it may be the start of a fashion revolution.”  The Romphim is basically a one piece t-shirt/short combo.  To me if you were looking at it from a distance it just looks like they are wearing a matching shirt and shorts, but when you get up close you realize that it is a one piece.  According to the GoFundMe page the Romphim has a front shirt pocket, adjustable waist, zippered back pocket, a zipper fly, and deep front pockets.  To get yourself one you just have to pledge at least $95.  The Romphim GoFundMe page started with a goal of $10,000.  As of 9:10 PM tonight they have got over $274,711.  People have speculated about how this phenomenom got started.  Some people think that a picture of Cam Newton allegedly wearing one at Cochella was the reason it took off so quickly.  One question people have about the Romphim is how do you use the bathroom.  That is something that people are going to have to figure out for themselves.  This trend is something that this blogger is going to pass on.

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