Beer Commercials

We looked at the Budweiser commercial called “Born the Hard Way”.  It is a commercial about an immigrant from Germany in the early 1900’s making his way to America.  They show him on a boat to get there and he falls off his bed inside the boat because the waters are so rough.  He gets to America and the Americans on the street are telling him “we don’t want you here” and “go back home.  They show him on a smaller boat going down the Mississippi and the next shot is of that boat burning and him jumping off.  Once he gets to St. Louis he goes into a bar and someone offers to buy him a beer.  It ends up being Mr Aneheuser and you find out that the immigrant is Adolphus Busch, so as a team they are Aneheuser Busch.  The tag line is “when nothing stops your dream, this is the beer we drink.  So dreamers drink this beer and dreamers made this beer.  It also shows that if you follow your dreams anything can happen.  The rising action is his journey from Germany to America.  The climax of this commercial is when Adolphus makes it to America, and the falling action is when he meets Mr Aneheuser.

The next commercial we watched was the Bud Light Happy Hour with Coworkers commercial.  This commercial starts out with a group of people who look like they just came from the office.  They look kind of nerdy and lame.  The leader gets the bartender to get them some Bud Lights as two “normal people” in the bar give them a sideways look.  The climax is when they get the Bud Lights.  They all loosen up and start acting crazy, like grinding on each other and acting a fool.  Then a group of other people from a different department come in and they get some Bud Lights and then they start partying together.  The tag line is “At happy hour, you’re not just co-workers your co-friends.  Which is saying Bud Light brings people of all types together.  The rising action is the people walking into the bar together and not looking like they are having a good time.  The climax of this commercial is when they actually get their Bud Light and the falling action is when they are all dancing with each other and having a good time.

We looked at a Corona Commercial titled “when a Corona gets its lime”.  The commercial starts out with a guy in the office and the VO says when it is to nice to sit in an office a corona gets it lime.  And then they say whenever you think a Tuesday is a Saturday a corona gets its lime. They show a person going to a party.  The whole commercial is saying that when it is to nice to do something that you need to do and decide to do something fun you should have a Corona.  The last scene is a guy putting his phone away and the VO says “whenever you put that away a Corona gets its lime.”  I think that this commercial is saying that Corona is like a lifestyle that is outdoors and hanging with friends.  The building action of the commercial is people doing things that they don’t like to do and then the climax is when the people do something fun and they show someone putting a lime in their Corona.

When comparing the two commercials it seems like Budweiser is trying to portray a message that dreamers and hard working people made this beer and drink this beer.  And the Bud Light is more of this is a beer that you can have a good time while drinking it and it brings people of all types together.  I think that the Corona commercial is more similar to the Bud Light commercials because every time a Corona got its lime it was while they were doing something fun.  But it is different because it seems to be portraying a more outdoor lifestyle like being on the beach and more relaxed atmospheres then a bar.

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